Unique to the real estate business, the principals of the firm have been working together for over 20 years. This dynamic team brings expertise in real estate development, finance, law, brokerage and asset management.

Prior to forming Patriot, we were employed by some of the world’s leading real estate companies, investment banks and publicly-traded corporations. This experience showed us what it takes to work shoulder-to-shoulder with global executives as a key component of their problem-solving team.

Operationally, we combine our in-house talent with best-in-the-business service providers. This partner-based model allows us to consistently provide the highest level of service to our clients, regardless of geography, by teaming up with the top brokerage firms in each market.

Moreover, we have the financial and operational flexibility to acquire all types of corporate real estate and effectively meet the highly-specialized needs of any selling corporation. This ability coupled with our scalable partner-based platform ensures responsiveness and execution in every transaction.

Years Working Together

Million SF

$ Billion Developed


“My clients are Fortune 500 companies, with reputations to protect both locally and nationally. There are few real estate investors that have the ability to play in this arena, and Patriot is one of them. Erik Kolar and his team have the knowledge, capital, resources, and experience to work shoulder-to-shoulder with my corporate clientele. Erik has always been there to help solve problems, close deals, and better deploy the capital resources of the corporation.”

— Andrew J. Merin, Vice Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield